She Lost 89 Kilograms In 18 Months And Changed Only One Thing In Her Diet

Modern lifestyle brings many risks. One of the major problems of modern man is overweight. Unfortunately over the years the number of overweight people rises considerably.

In this article you meet a woman who weighs 150 kg and maybe more during pregnancy. With the increase of her obesity she also faced a number of problems such as back pain and trouble walking. The doctors kept on advising her to eat less, otherwise she may not survive more than a year or so.

Then, one day she decided to change something and struggling with weight. She changes only one thing and lost a whopping 89kg in just 18 months.

She started eating healthy food and stopped eating all sorts of junk food, which was her favorite before. Along with this, she also started going for cardio exercises 3 times each week.

She was mainly avoiding the carbohydrate portion and sugar in her food and then in just about 18 months she lost about 89 kilograms.

Here is her diet plan for losing weight:


  • Mushrooms,
  • Two eggs,
  • Tomatoes
  • She used to end up her breakfast with a green smoothie that is made of water and fresh vegetables.


  • Boiled potatoes and chilli,
  • Fresh salads that included cabbage, broccoli, lettuce and cucumbers,
  • A portion of rye bread,
  • Also baked chicken or fish.

In snacks, she consumed fruits and yoghurt of low fat.


  • Green salads,
  • Macaroni or spaghetti cooked with tomato sauce and cheese with low fat.

In just 18 months, the woman finally reached her goal and lose 89 kilograms.

The obesity center awarded the woman as ‘Woman of the Year’.

Now, after losing so much of weight, she is still maintaining her diet and lead a healthy life.