If You Press This Point On Your Foot Before Bed, This Is What It Does To Your Body

A lot of people struggle with insomnia and they can’t get the rest they need, so they don’t have the proper energy needed for their daily obligations.  For this problem we are offering to you the Chinese remedy.

The name of the remedy is acupuncture which is done when you give pressure to the points which are thought to be linked with different organs. A lot of pressures points are on the human body, the only thing you need to do is to find them. In this post we are going to present you the LV3 point or yet called Great Rushing point. It will cure all your diseases.

Besides LV3, Acupuncture.com states that P6 (Inner Gate) and K1 (Bubbling Spring) are also used in acupressure to treat insomnia. P6 is three finger widths above the wrist, between the tendons.

K1 is placed on the bottom of the foot at the center of the indentation belpw the ball of the foot. You need to hold it 30 seconds, release the point fr 5 seconds, and repeat the 30 seconds again.

K1 point:


Except the acupressure we are going to offer you different cures which will help you to eliminate the insomnia. This helps with breaking an insomnia cycle. Having a “relaxing ritual” before trying to sleep and avoiding taking naps during the day also benefits those who have trouble sleeping at night.  Also you need to avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine you need to stop eating large meals and stop smoking cigarettes.

Nothing of these actions which we presented you are going to guarantee the sweet sleep, but you can try it in have some improvements.